Andrey Maximov: Carbon-free resources account for 40.8% of Russias energy generation in 2020

17 / 09 / 2021
 :     2020   40,8%

Moscow. Sept 15 Carbon-free resources, such as hydropower plants, nuclear power plants, and renewable energy, accounted for 40.8% of Russias energy generation in 2020, Director of the Russian Energy Industrys Department for the Electric Power Industry Development Andrey Maximov said at a session of the Ecological Wellbeing Forum.

Andrey Maksimov noted the impact of the global climate agenda on the development of the Russian fuel and energy complex. It happens because a significant share of greenhouse gas emissions - about 33.6% - falls on the generation of heat and electricity.

At the same time, the share of carbon-free energy is quite large in Russia. In 2020, carbon-free facilities generated 40.8% of all electricity in the country (hydropower plants 20.2%, nuclear power plants 20.6%, and renewable energy resources 0.32%), the department director said.

In addition, Maximov reminded the audience about the main areas of activity that contributes to the ecological policy the program supporting renewable energy, projects aimed to modernize generation equipment of thermal power plants in price zones (COMMod), the use of innovative power equipment, a program of decommissioning of old facilities, and the market of micro-generation equipment that is new for Russia.