The goal of the exhibition is to promote the use of renewable energy resources in the Russian energy sector by giving market actors access to advanced technologies and equipment, and creating a highly effective communication platform for discussing and solving relevant problems of the industry in a dialogue between business, authorities and society.

RENWEX tasks:

  • Acceleration of international cooperation in the transfer of technologies and exchange of practices in the field of renewable energy resources
  • Demonstration and saturation of the Russian market with advanced technologies and solutions in the field of construction and operation of energy facilities using renewable energy resources
  • Promotion of the Russian Energy Strategy for the Period up to 2035
  • Involvement of foreign manufacturers in work in Russia to transfer technologies and locate their production at Russian enterprises manufacturing components for renewable energy stations
  • Development of domestic R&D facilities and implementation of advanced technologies for the use of renewable energy resources
  • Presentation of potential for development of renewable energy in Russian regions