Mikhail Ivanov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation:

Today we are present at RENWEX 2021. The exhibition is supported by the State Duma Committee on Education and Science, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Energy. I wish the exhibitors to follow global trends and encourage them to invest more in these areas. I expect that next year the exhibition will be filled with new exhibitors and new products. For our part, we will follow the development of this area with great attention, and if necessary, we will always provide government support. 

Vladimir Kononov, Member of the Russian State Duma, Chairman of the NTI Expo Organising Committee:

A big congress and exhibition event has taken place - RENWEX 2021. Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles. This project is part of the large-scale NTI Expo (Research-Technology-Innovations Expo) project. The RENWEX 2021 exhibition and forum focuses on renewable energy and electric vehicles. I was very pleased that the subject of electric transport and the creation of an infrastructure for it was discussed very clearly today. It is obvious that Russia will not do without production and consumption of coal, oil, and gas. But that does not mean we should not develop alternative energy sources and renewable energy. These issues are presented at this unique exhibition and were discussed at the forum.

Alexey Kulapin, Director General of the Russian Energy Agency of the Russian Ministry of Energy: 

I would like to say words of thanks to the organisers and participants of the RENWEX forum, opened today in Moscow and dedicated to the development prospects for renewable energy and electric transport. In today's realities, in the context of the energy transition, the topics included in the forum's agenda are more relevant than ever. These are issues of developing renewable energy, hydrogen power, issues of digital transformation in the energy sector - everything that is aimed at implementing the concept of energy transition. The forum will last three days. I am sure that its agenda will be intensive and relevant. I would like to wish success and fruitful and effective work to the forum's participants and organisers.

Xu Hai, CEO of Huawei Eurasia Digital Power Business: 

This exhibition is very useful for Huawei, which is developing the alternative energy industry. The exhibition will help us find partners in Russia. We have received a lot of useful information. The forum presented different points of view on the development of clean energy and technology in the future. The exhibition is a good way for us to get to know the Russian market and Russian partners.

Denis Vlasov, Head of Electrical Energy Management and Maintenance Project at DKS:

This is the first time DKS is exhibiting at RENWEX. We decided to showcase a unique product - a solar energy storage and converter in a monobloc unit. A community of professionals working in renewable energy and electric transport is forming here at the exhibition. It's great that there are a lot of professional visitors from other regions. They are from the South, the Caucasus, Siberia. Thanks to the organisers for creating such a unique professional atmosphere and for the opportunity to share our novelties. We will keep on working.

Evgeny Demidov, Head of Solar Power Department of ENERGON:

We present ENERGON's concept for using solar energy at home and commercial facilities. On the stand there are networked hybrid stand-alone inverters, solutions for using solar modules on the roof and recharging an electric car at home. At the exhibition, you can see everything for yourself and try out the equipment. There are many industry professionals here who are interested in solar power, who are ready to develop their business and want to install solar power plants.

Lira Sabirova, Marketing Department of NSP:

At RENWEX, we are showcasing NSP fast charging stations for electric vehicles. We weren't expecting such an influx of visitors. We are networking and exchanging information. The exhibition is very busy. It's truly international. I've got visitors from other countries who come up, take an interest, ask what we're doing. It's great that this exhibition has consolidated the charging infrastructure of electric cars. We hope that next year we'll be able to take part in the exhibition as well, to show ourselves. In the course of the work we may even create a collaboration. The exhibition offers good opportunities for the further development.

Bulat Valiev, Manager of Commercial Department at Promenergo:

The RENWEX exhibition is perfectly organised. There are a lot of visitors. We would like to thank the organisers. We are presenting here E-Prom fast charging stations for electric cars and slow charging stations for private homes and residential complexes. Come to RENWEX. We will energise you.