Feedback of participants and visitors

Vladimir Kononov, Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on Science and Higher Education, Chairman of the NTI Expo Organising Committee

The RENWEX 2023 exhibition and forum has been held for several years already. It brings together specialists in the energy sector, particularly in the field of renewable energy, to discuss how green energy will develop in our country and at what pace. For the last two or three years there have been big debates about the fact that renewable energy is not so inexpensive and not so clean. Those same solar panels have to be recycled. As always, the truth is in the middle. There must be a balance between different types of energy. An important point is that it is Russia, as a country with the most powerful intellectual human capital, that should provide breakthrough technological solutions for the future, not only for itself, but also for developing countries and for the entire human civilisation.

Sergey Shkurov, Advisor to Director General at Cryogas

Our new direction is a mobile charging station for electric vehicles that runs on LNG. This is a unique development of our company. It allows the owner of an electric car to call a charging station anywhere in the city. We are taking part in the exhibition for the first time. The topic is very interesting for everyone. The interest is amazing!

Dmitry Kuzminykh, Construction Director at ELECTROCARS

It is not the first year we participate in the RENWEX exhibition and we brought a very bright HiPhi electric car. This season the trade show is very busy. Our stand is very popular. The format of the exhibition allows us to generate leads and meet new partners. I am sure that everything presented at RENWEX will soon be seen in the streets of cities.

Alex Xie, Regional Sales Manager at JYC BATTERY

We are very happy to participate in the exhibition. It is a very good trade show. Here we meet potential customers. It promotes our business. We are happy to come here, and we invite you to the next RENWEX 2024.

Pavel Zheltkov, Development Director at VEKTOR ENERGY

VEKTOR ENERGY is pleased to welcome all exhibitors and visitors to RENWEX 2023. Our company is at the cutting edge of innovation. This year we decided to show professional energy storage systems, and RENWEX is just the right place to demonstrate that energy can be not only obtained from the grid, but also from renewable energy sources, accumulate it and use more efficiently.

Alexander Morozov, Development Director at KR AUTOMATION

Last years exhibition was a great success and was very well organised. We are very grateful to the organisers. Everything was great, at the highest level. We understand that the exhibition is highly specialised, but we have specific solutions, specific products, and a number of contracts have been concluded. Here we are showing automation. I can say you have to care about automation. Come to the exhibition, come to our stand, we will be glad to see you.

Igor Glushchenko, Sales and Marketing at Autonomous Solutions

There are interesting projects at the exhibition. I hope that we will implement some projects based on the results of the exhibition. People come to the exhibition from the regions, and we have many dealers in the regions. People who are interested in innovations in the field of renewable energy come to RENWEX first. At our companys stand, we help to search for solutions based on renewable energy technologies.

Alexey Sasenkov, Head of Public Relations at ECOFLOW Russia

For us, a trade show is, first and foremost, an introduction to our potential customers. Brand awareness helps to promote products that is why trade shows are important. Today, RENWEX is an opportunity to see the future of the modern world.