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14 / 09 / 2021
Photo: AVTODOR press office

Electric transport should account for at least 10% of the total volume of vehicles produced in Russia by 2030.

This is the goal set by the concept for the production and use of electric motor transport in the Russian Federation for the period until 2030, which was approved by the federal government this August. The same government resolution endorsed targets in the production of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, as well as a roadmap for the development and use of electric motor transport for the period until 2024.

In the opinion of the authors the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade the concept will not only help create a new high-tech industry in the country, which will be producing electric vehicles, but will also help create infrastructure for their convenient use. It will encourage the development of Russian assistive technologies in the production of electric vehicles, including power and control electronics, batteries, their component base and hydrogen fuel cells.

Source: rg.ru