Feedback of participants and visitors to the RENWEX 2019 exhibition

20 / 06 / 2019

Alexey Zhikharev,
Director of Russia
Renewable Energy
Development Association

"For a long time nobody in Russia has believed in renewable energy that is still called alternative though it is not alternative for many countries any more. But now that 800 MW have been successfully introduced, traditional generating companies show interest in the projects carried out in wholesale and retail markets. They understand these technologies develop much faster than traditional generation, and their prospects for development, including those in Russia, are great ones.
Now holding of congresses and trade shows devoted to renewable energy seems quite reasonable. It is necessary to go into technologies. Both technology companies and expert organisations, which provide related consulting services, are present here at RENWEX. It shows that the interest in renewable energy is growing.
We would like to congratulate Expocentre on its 60th anniversary. This place is landmark for different industries and industry experts. Trade shows and forums devoted to different topics are held here. As for me I have been working in power generation since 2003 and since then I annually attend different events organised at the highest level."

Sergey Morozov,
Governor of the
Ulyanovsk Region

"In the Ulyanovsk region renewable energy professionals deal with all aspects of the industry quite deliberately and professionally. We not only create wind farms, solar parks or plants, we are also eager to learn. Thanks to the RENWEX organisers, we do not have to run throughout the world and spend lots of money and time. We can see a great deal of foreign and Russian-made technology in RES sector here. That's why this trade show is of top priority for us."

Nikolay Popov,
Director General of
Hevel Retail

"We are at the forefront of the RES market. We should explain to retail customers and B2B customers that our products will help them save money, make their production more efficient, and reduce the cost of products. If to speak about a private home, one can stop paying public service utilities. We have learned about the experience of foreign companies where such trade shows are very popular.
Using this trade show we want to explain to our potential customers the advantages of our products, what makes us different from our competitors who are also here. We understood at once that we need a large stand at this exhibition to showcase all our products. Not only to showcase them but also hold seminars. For this purpose we arranged a special area, chose materials, and invited colleagues. It drew much attention.
In about five years this trade show will be very large. I have seen the same trends at other trade shows. The first edition of the RENWEX exhibition was interesting not only for Russian companies but also for foreign ones. Here are many representatives of the companies that do not exhibit but have come to see. An amazing demand. We even think of increasing the number of stand attendants since there is a great deal of customers.
Expocentre annually offers new services such as arrangement of business meetings and networking areas, and a great choice of exhibition stands. It is a large number of opportunities offered by Expocentre that attracts customers."

Alexey Guriyev,
Representative of
Isovolta AG in Russia

"I would like to thank the management of the trade show and Expocentre as a whole for excellent organisation of this trade show devoted to renewable energy. It is the first trade show of this kind where we have made our debut. It is very interesting for us. The trade show was a success although the exhibition space was not very large. We are interested in renewable energy when it comes to production of wind turbines among other sectors of electrical engineering. We will participate in RENWEX again."

Mikhail Molchanov,
Director General of
Solar Systems

"Earlier we attended the trade shows dedicated to renewable energy as a visitor. But today we can showcase what we have done in this field. This year, for the first time, we have made the decision to participate in RENWEX as an exhibitor. Here we can see a great interest in our stand. At this trade show we hope to generate new business leads and establish contacts with manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, share best practices with colleagues, and get a complete idea of where the renewable energy industry is moving in Russia, what's the news, and what to expect.
The trade show provides a unique opportunity of face-to-face networking. It saves much time especially at the stage of decision making concerning, for example, construction of the plant and choice of equipment. At the trade show everything is concentrated in a single place and one should not spend time on long journeys."

Irina Konischeva,
Financial Director of
VTR Engineering

"Our company is engaged in the development of autonomous wind diesel stations. This trade show is a good opportunity to present ready-made solutions for a growing market. Here are many opportunities. We, for example, presented our report on R&D at the Forum. The trade show brought together a good audience to present proven solutions. It is our first experience of participation in the trade show. The audience is wide. There are representatives of ore and mining companies from remote regions. Everybody is engaged in autonomous power supply. Visitor traffic stems from the fact that our foreign partners and suppliers also participate in the trade show. They came to showcase their products at this trade show which is a good entrance to the market.
I think the forum/trade show is the most suitable format for our product sectors since not everyone understands what renewable energy sources are and how to use them. It is very useful to listen how RES are applied and at the same time meet implementators of specific projects. The industry is developing. We have a lot of things to do. We will please you with new developments. We are for the first time at RENWEX but not the last one."

Igor Gluschenko,
CCO of NPO Autonomous Solutions

"We have been working with the systems of solar electricity and bioenergy since the launch of the company in 2011. Having heard about the first RES show, we and our partners decided to participate in it at once. Meanwhile we understood that the first trade show would not be large but the contacts would probably be useful. We were right. Here are a lot of interesting people. The dialogues were also constructive. We did not have small talks. Everything was on the theme and on business. Our aim at the trade show was to find new partners in solar power, including regions and, perhaps, promising projects. We have signed many contracts. The audience at the trade show is presented by the whole country from Yakutstk to our southern regions. The forum plus the trade show is the right format. We plan to book a stand for the next year."

Viktor Babash,
General Director of
Institute of k-Technology

"The trade show is timely. We are making a new product and the aim is to show it and interest potential buyers. The results from participation in the trade show are very good. Today is the third day of the trade show and we have got a package of preliminary orders. Then we will go to potential customers and prepare for installation of new wind generators. They have been developed for small-scale generation and operation in the northern areas. Without doubt, this trade show is effective for us. It was very comfortable. We have been attended by many visitors from our target audience prepared, competent and asking specific questions. When a market appears, then new trade shows appear. The fact that RENWEX is the first one is just great."

Alexey Yarmin,
General Director of

"The decision to participate in the trade show has been taken quickly enough as soon as we saw the information about its organisation. The first trade show is landmark. It coincided with the start of our systematic work. We presented products and solutions for electric vehicles including equipment to create the infrastructure of chargers. They were interesting for a wide range of visitors: integrators, representatives of power supply networks from different regions, developers, and potential investors.
We think the trade show is very effective. We generated lots of promising business leads and we will continue our cooperation. It was not a waste of time. It was very comfortable here. Despite hot outside temperature, the atmosphere in the pavilion is excellent: it is cool and the lighting is good. Our partners, who came from the head German office, appreciated the comfortable conditions. We like it here."

Andrey Poluyanov,
Representative of TUBOR

"This trade show is interesting for manufacturers and companies which offer alternative energy sources. Our key aim is to show oneself and to show that we have entered this market and have something to offer to this market. The RENWEX participants showed great interest in our product. I think we have completely reached our aim. It was a very interesting experience. Expocentre is a well-known and popular fairground in terms of logistics, comfort for participants, and other conditions. We like the trade show very much."

Mikhail Kiryanov,
Lead Specialist of
Sales Department of

"We decided to take part in the trade show as soon as we learned about its organisation. The prospects of this trade show are great. The surge of interest in this topic is caused by the fact that people start realizing the necessity to protect the environment. The use of solar and wind energy is the future. Besides, it is profitable. It is a meeting place for associates. The trade show provides an opportunity to network, share experience, show something new, learn about new products and developments in this field. All our tasks set before RENWEX 2019 have been performed. We will certainly take part in the exhibition. It is very interesting."

Ilya Likhov,
General Director of

"We have had no doubts about participation in RENWEX because it is the first major event of this kind in Russia. We have participated in many foreign trade shows. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of visitors at this trade show. I can tell the organisers did their best for the first event of this kind to be held at such a high level in our country. Over all days of the trade show we have had a line of visitors from across Russia and event Kazakhstan. There were customers from Dagestan, Togliatti, and Chita. They are mainly dealers who are engaged or would like to be engaged in solar energy and who search for suppliers. We are very surprised at the results. Nearly 80% of our visitors are really interested in purchasing of equipment. We have got a large number of preliminary orders for our equipment. One can feel that there is information deprivation in the field of solar energy and a lack of suppliers.
We networked with our colleagues much. We took part in two sections of the Forum, made good presentations and told about the solutions we were implementing in Russia. The hall was full, all the attendees were interested. We do not have similar events in Russia that is why the specialists cannot get the latest information. We will, for sure, take part in the next edition with a stand twice as much as it is now, and will bring more managers and more equipment.
Holding of such an event in Russia was about to happen. So far, the solar energy market in Russia has not developed systematically and there have been no clear game rules. Every company customized the market. Having networked with our colleagues, we have found much mutual understanding in the fact that the market is enormous and we all have to work on its development and expansion. I often take part in different trade shows in Europe, Asia, and Middle East. I can say that this event is held at a very good level. Expocentre has always held events at a very high level and we are very glad."