RENWEX 2021: electric vehicles and new power infrastructure

24 / 06 / 2021

On the final day of the RENWEX 2021 international forum and exhibition, held at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, a conference has taken place, whose participants discussed different aspects of electric vehicle development.

"The end of 2020 was perceived by European countries as the beginning of an electric revolution. Electric vehicle sales in Europe accounted for about 23% of all sales. The transition to electric vehicles in Europe is unstoppable," said conference moderator, Iya Gordeeva, Chairman of the Association for the Development of Electric, Unmanned and Connected Vehicles and Infrastructure.

Dmitry Siginevich, an expert at the Energy Centre of Skolkovo Moscow School of Management, added to the overall picture of the global electric vehicle market in his presentation. He drew attention to the fact that many countries have already announced plans to increase sales of carbon-neutral vehicles to 30% of total car sales by 2030. At the same time the demand for electric vehicles is highly dependent on a combination of financial and environmental incentives, including government support measures. These include countries introducing certain fuel standards and emissions taxes, government subsidies to make electric vehicles affordable for consumers, development of road infrastructure with benefits for electric vehicles, etc.

Today, the leader in the number of electric cars is China, and the leader in the share of electric vehicles’ sales is Norway, where this share already reaches 50%. If we talk about Russia, the number of electric cars in our country now exceeds 10,000 units. According to Dmitry Siginevich, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Economic Development make "extremely optimistic forecasts" for electric transport, suggesting its multiple growth.           

Sergey Klyucharyov, Deputy Head of Energy and Innovation Projects Service of Mosgortrans, spoke about the status and prospects of electric transport in Moscow, detailing the development of the capital's public electric transport. According to him, 1,000 electric buses will soon be running on the streets of Moscow. "The electric bus in Moscow as a form of transport has succeeded. Our electric buses are noticeable. Passengers like them. This transport is developing rapidly in our city. And we will gradually move towards having no diesel buses," said the representative of Mosgortrans. He emphasised that the electric buses were supplied by two domestic manufacturers - KAMAZ and LIAZ.

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The RENWEX 2021 conference programme concluded with thematic panels. Experts from EUROSOLAR Russia Non-Profit Partnership for Development of Renewable Energy held panels on Microgeneration. Education. Enabling PV and Financing Innovative R&D. They were attended by representatives of Russian research centres, relevant institutes, sectoral companies and organisations, heads of educational programmes, as well as their German and Swiss colleagues.

Another panel on Biofuels and Biomass was organised by specialists of the INFOBIO information and analytical agency and the National Bioenergy Union.

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